A ring with a legacy

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As a wee girl - growing up on the outskirts of Glasgow - I always had so much love and admiration for my Granny. She was a special kind of woman with a bit of sass and a whole lot of class - I’d watch as she pressed her hair into perfect curls, applied her pink lipstick, dressed in floral skirts - adorned herself in beautiful jewellery - mostly costume, but nevertheless beautiful, before going about her morning tasks of making breakfast for my pappy, doing the newspaper bingo and writing out her shopping list for the day all the while singing along with whatever was on the wireless radio. She’d had an incredibly fascinating life so far - she had worked in a bar, she worked in a factory that made vacumn cleaners, but most importantly she’d been a cabaret singer and that was where I aspired to be like her. She had a few great loves in her life and that was my Pappy and the family that followed - her only child, my dad, and her two precious grandchildren my sister and I. She was a wonderful woman who taught me to sing and dance my way through life - her wonderful stories brought me nothing but joy. Sadly, when I was just 17 - Dementia gripped her quickly and we were all faced with the sad realisation that her wonderful stories would now live only in our memories. By the time I was 20 she didn’t know who I was anymore and I was saddened by the idea that she’d never see me walk up the aisle or sing and dance with me at my wedding.
When I married at the age of 28 - she’d long since forgotten all her stories and joy and although it made me sad not to have her by my side that day - I’d had more than 10 years to make peace with it. The morning of my wedding - my mum and dad presented me with a very special something blue - my Grannys sapphire and diamond cluster engagement ring. My Granny was little and adorably stout and her ring hadn’t a hope of staying on my finger so my mum lovingly stitched it inside my wedding gown, where I wore it close to my heart that day. I danced, and I sang and my Granny was right there by my heart while I did.
The ring then lay safely tucked inside my jewellery box for more than 5 years.
I got to know the incredible team at Dalgleish via my business and I was always looking, adoringly, in the cabinets of their shop wishing for one of their stunning bespoke pieces when, one day, my mind was suddenly drawn back to my grans vintage cluster ring, sitting safely in my jewellery box. My Granny had since gone peacefully to join my Pappy in heaven and I felt it was time that I did something with her ring so that it might be worn with joy, so it may hear music and dance once again. So with my mum and dad’s blessing - I took it to Bill at Dalgleish and he lovingly transformed it into a beautiful setting, strong and clean, smart and classic - just like the woman who wore it first.
Now I wear this ring with pride, and joy and with a song in my heart - just like my Granny

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