A Risky Pacific Proposal

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Let’s go kayaking today my now husband suggested a couple of days into our Fijian holiday. The conditions were perfect; crystal clear waters, blue skies, absolute tropical paradise. A couple of quick stops en route to pick up a fresh fruit picnic and snorkeling gear, my husbands backpack was loaded and we were ready to go. Destination: a small sandbar island about a kilometre offshore only habitable at low tide, suggested by locals as the best snorkeling spot for sighting tropical fish.
Paddling our tandem kayak out into the Pacific Ocean I joked to my husband we’d better not tip and lose his backpack, unbeknownst to me at that point what was really hiding in there. He said something along the lines of at least all of our gear is insured...
We reached the sandbar, set up our picnic, explored the small island, then my husband dropped to one knee and proposed with the most beautiful diamond ring. Once I had calmed down from the initial excitement and surprise we laughed about the backpack comment and that now I had the burden of transporting the ring back safely to shore, this time on my finger.
We snorkeled as planned but my eye was on my shiny ring finger more than the tropical fish!
By the time we kayaked back to shore, the tide had turned and the wind had picked up so it was nerve wrecking trip back, however we made it in one piece, ring included, and now have an adventurous engagement story to share when asked.

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