Blind date

01.01.12 new years eve/day I was set up on a blind date through a mutual friend, little did i know he would end up being my soulmate, at the 6 week mark we entered a competition with The Edge radio station to win a $2,000 ring from dalgleish jewellers it was called catch the bouquet, we came 6th and we created our engagement ring from my mums engagement ring and my late nana's wedding ring. 7 years later and 7 kids between us my sister now owns the house we first met in and our 2 year old has the name we both wanted to name our older sons but were never allowed to.. our story is how fate bought us together and we have many things that show we are meant to be... I have my MIL 18ct ring I want to melt down to make our wedding ring that was her mothers, so our engagement and wedding ring with be symbolize two families coming together. So blessed. A true love story, my story.