Finding a gold bracelet in a hay field

20191002 153530 v2

It was a sunny afternoon and I was playing in a park with my friend. We were throwing a ball at each other and I was wearing a new yellow gold bracelet my mum had given me for my 15th birthday just a couple of weeks earlier. The bracelet was quite loose on my small wrist but I wanted to wear it all the time. So, as I threw the ball I could almost see in slow motion how my precious bracelet slid out of my hand and fell somewhere on the very dry, yellow grass. I was horrified but determined to find it. My friend and I spent hours looking for it, to the point that it got dark and we had to leave the park to get a torch. We returned with the torch, and after again checking every little spot in the ground we finally found the bracelet! 25 years later, I still wear it every single day :-)