Five Diamonds Forever

I moved to Taranaki with my two children almost 19 years ago in a hope to start a new life after a marriage breakdown. There were faults on both sides but we tried to remain friends for the sake of our children. My kids and I moved back home with my Dad and I got a job at the local meat processing plant. While out with my sister one weekend I met an amazing guy that I didn’t realise actually worked at the same place I did. We even sat at the same lunch table. He was wonderful with my kids and after seeing each other for over a year he took me into Dalgleish jewellers and showed me two rings he liked, he asked which one I preferred and when I answered he got the retail assistant to take it out and hand it to him. He got down on one knee and proposed to me right there in the jewellers. Of course I said yes. Soon afterwards my Grandfather became very ill and I spent many of my days off from work visiting him at Waikato hospital. The sanitising spray caused my ring finger to get infected so I removed my ring and zipped it up in my jacket pocket. My Grandfather eventually got better but I never found my ring again. Luckily insurance covered the loss of my ring and Dalgleish Jewellers were able to replace what I had lost. It’s been almost twenty years, another two kids and lots of fun...and I still wear that ring. It may not be the original but i believe it was made again, with love, especially for me.❤️

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