Grandma's Gold

My adult daughter Julia is the proud owner of a gold bangle, a treasured gift from her grandmother for her third birthday. Ownership of this bangle has not been uneventful.

As a four year old she came with us mushrooming in the countryside ten kilometres out of Hawera our hometown. After a fun family afternoon searching the paddocks for the fungal delights, we headed home for tea. On arrival Julia sheepishly admitted she had lost her prize bangle. After many tears and much encouragement from her mother, I agreed to drive out and search the paddocks for the lost bangle, never really believing I would be able to find it. After what seemed like hours of retracing our steps through many paddocks I returned home empty handed, to more tears.

Happiness was restored after Julia had her bath that evening and slipped on her dressing gown. As if by a miracle the bangle appeared on her arm. It had been trapped inside the sleeve all the time. So the bangle had never been mushrooming, it had simply slipped off her wrist that morning as she removed her dressing gown to get dressed. It had been hiding safely in the sleeve all day so it couldn't get lost.

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