It’s still a mystery ...

It’s still a mystery...
My husband and I had been married about 5 years. We had purchased my engagement ring the day we got engaged from a jeweller in Hamilton. When we purchased the ring the jewellers gave me instructions on how best to care for my new ring. They advised me to not wash dishes while wearing it or showering in it to keep it looking it’s best. So from that day on I took it off every night before bed and placed it on my bedside cabinet.
Roll on 5 years .... I was on my way out the door and went to my bedside cabinet to put my rings on – oh no – no rings – I hunted around my bedside cabinet and on the floor area nearby and under the bed – I finally found my wedding ring but no engagement ring.
At the time we had a 4 year old son and a 2 year old daughter so I sat the children down and asked over and over “where are Mummy’s rings”??? They both looked back at me blankly .....
My 2 year old daughter had a terrible habit of putting things into her mouth so I asked her “did you put Mummy’s rings in your mouth” she just stared back at me blankly. I even went so far as for the next two weeks I dissected the contents of her nappies .....just in case.
After about a year and constantly looking for my ring I gave up and claimed insurance – I even managed to buy an exact replica of my original engagement ring with my insurance money – from your very own Dalgleish Diamond Jewellers – I didn’t feel right about getting a different ring when we had only been married a few years – it wouldn’t have felt the same.
Fast forward two years ...... I had to get a warrant for my car – it failed because I had a crack in the windscreen so I arranged for the mobile windscreen repair man to come to our house to fix it. I was busy inside with my three children when their was a knock at the door ... I looked up to see the windscreen repair man at the door holding his hand out .... “is this anything valuable” I looked into his hand and there sitting in his palm was my original engagement ring!!! “OMG where did you find this” I exclaimed. He said he popped the bonnet of my car to get to the windscreen and there sitting in a metal pocket next to the car motor was my ring, a little tainted with car fumes but as good as new!! I had been driving all over the countryside for the last two years with my precious engagement ring tucked under the bonnet of my car. The big question is ........ how on earth did it get there????? I’m sure everything to do with two little mischevious rascals that to this day deny any knowledge ...... if only cars could talk!!!

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