Lost and found family.

jacey hitchcock

My story is one of adoption and DNA. In 2008 I embarked on a journey to find my biological family, that I never knew existed. I firstly found my biological mother. She was sixteen when I was born. Her family was split as her mother passed away when she was eleven. I was adopted out at three months of age. I went on to find family. I wasn’t getting any help from birth mother, so my only option was DNA testing, as I wanted to find my birth father which I did do earlier this year.
As I’d done DNA, I had a match with a first cousin on my fathers side. We have spent sometime together over the last year and I can see why we had such a strong match with DNA. I traced my Croatian heritage back to the fourteen hundreds. I visited the village in a place called Podgora last year and was very lucky to meet a cousin that I never knew existed. She was also able to show me where great, grandfather was born in a village which happened to be next to her family home. I also then realised if I’d been kept I would have been baptised as this is what happens in Croatia. There’s a lot more to this journey as it’s still ongoing.
As I’d done a lot of research and lots of birth family has been found., I thought I’d get a piece of jewellery made. One day I went into dalgleish diamond jewellery and had a conversation with one of their accommodating jewellers. A few weeks later I was presented with a cross and inserted with a gold DNA helix to mark my ancestry and birth family found from DNA. Can’t thank you guys enough.