Meant to be

My parents house was broken into and one of the things the wretched thieves took was my mums engagement ring from the top of her dresser (she was wearing her wedding band).

They had been married 30years at this point, and the ring had a lot of sentimental value. She was devastated and didn’t have the heart to replace it with another.

A few months later, on a Valentine’s Day afternoon, my Dad was out for his run. He gets caught in a down pour so takes shelter under a tree. To keep himself occupied he starts kicking about some leaves and lo and behold under a leaf he finds a beautiful +1carat engagement ring!

Whilst it wasn’t mums original engagement ring (imagine that!), it was set in 18k gold, was a bigger diamond and it fitted mums dainty little fingers AND matched her wedding band like it was meant to be hers.

The police couldn’t find the owners of this ring and let mum keep it.