Growing up I had never been much of a jewellery girl. I never even had real jewellery until I met the man of my dreams.
This sweetheart of a man accidentally passed away 2 weeks ago.
Now all I have is memories.
He had told me had been saving to get me an engagement ring, and I was so excited and becoming slightly impaitent.
He said we didn’t need to rush and get engaged with a basic ring because “we have our whole lives left together babe and you deserve something really special”
Sadly I will never get to be his bride, but in my heart I am already his wife.
This beautiful loving thoughtful man had already spoilt me with a topaz ring,some meaningful necklaces and a pandora bracelet which collected many charms.
every single one of these pieces of jewellery he got me from Dalgleish, and my engagement ring would’ve been from there also as he’s a very loyal man in all areas. Even loyal to his jeweller.
Each of the charms he gave me holds a special memory or meaning -
A “G” for him, a dog bowl when we got our dog, a boat from the first time he took me out fishing, a four leaf clover from when he got a four leaf clover tattoo, a heart to symbolise our love, a mirror from when I graduated hairdressing, and many many more charms that symbolised special dates and anniversaries in our lives.
Now I treasure all of these pieces of jewellery more than ever,
I feel so honoured to have been loved and spoilt like this by him.
The most meaningful peice of jewellery in my life, was supposed to be a ring,But now it’s a special necklace.
In this special necklace Some of My partners ashes hang around my neck, resting on my heart on a chain that he got me.
i carry him around with me everywhere I go, until it is my time to join him.
I never appreciated jewellery as much as I do right now, these pieces all symbolise my soulmate and our love story, which was sadly cut short.
From a girl that never wore jewellery, now My jewellery means the absolute world to me

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