My beautiful rings

My beautiful engagement ring sadly came off my finger one Friday night whilst shopping, when I realized I retraced my steps made shop keepers pull out trays, trolleys etc but sadly had no luck. I reported to our local police station, cried all weekend, looked for any photos I had of it so I could take it to second hand shops, pawn shops on the Monday. A phone call first thing Monday morning from the local police asking for a photo was out of the blue. I took one to them first, and had the surprise of my life when they returned it to me. A local family had a 21st that weekend and a visiting Australian relative had found it, she tried to hand it in at the police station where it was closed and on Sunday upon returning to Auckland airport she remembered it was still in her possession. She gave it to her relative who took it back to the police where upon they returned it to me. I then went to thank them with a huge bunch of flowers where I heard this story but funnily enough when the husband met me at the door - his first words were "Oh goodness what have I forgotten now" I am so grateful that there are still honest people in this world. the ring now has another in front of it as a keeper, this was kindly left to me from an elderly Aunt so both rings have lovely memories.

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