My Nana’s special pieces

Nana down the hill (Dads Mum) wore a broach when she visited me as a new born baby in the nursing home. Unfortunately, she didn’t realise she lost it on her way home & it fell into the gutter. Mum was talking to the nurse about how she had been visited by Nana and admired this broach. Nurse noted how Mum described it, “moon shape and colourful”. Nurse said, hang on a moment..... went and got the broach, “you mean this one”? Yes! Mum said. It had just been handed in by someone who noticed it in the gutter.
Nana didn’t even know she had lost it and was very grateful to have it back.
It sits proudly on the gorgeous teacup that Nana passed on to us Granddaughters.

Nana around the mountain (Mums Mum) grew up near Trentham Military Camp because her father was in the army. During the war (and before meeting Grandad) she had a friendship with an American soldier who gave her a nice necklace with the Amethyst set in it, however she rarely wore it, so she had it made into a ring by Dalgliesh, back in the day. As a child I loved dressing up and playing with Nanas jewellery & this ring was one of the items that I enjoyed the most.
Before Nana passed, she gave it to her sister to look after, to then pass on to me when I was older. I love it, one of my favourite pieces to enjoy wearing.

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