My Old Gold Bracelets

My two gold oval bracelets belonged to my grandmother who wore them always. She died when my mother was eight years old. My Mum and her older sister inherited one each and both of them wore them always and it became a tradition. My aunt was single and a great character. When she died we were unable to remove  her bracelet from her arm. We decided she didn't want to give it up so we left it on her to be buried with her. At her funeral the undertaker handed the bracelet to my Mum. We don't know what he did to get it off her! My mother died some years ago now and I have worn and enjoyed both bracelets always. They remind me of my mother, my aunt and their mother whom I never knew. When I go I will leave them to my daughter who will leave them to hers. I hope they will follow the tradition and wear them always.