Our Grace Darling of New Zealand

My great grandfathers aunt on my mother's side whom we lovingly call Aunt Huria ( Julia ) wore this beautiful garnet ring, which was passed down through the generations, it has been in our family since the turn of the 20th century. As you can see by the filigree work on the side of the ring, it is very old and how worn it is. This is her story in short form. We are all so very proud of her heroism, and now apart of NZ history. My grandmother was named after her and the ship. Looking at the studio photo of Huria,she is wearing this ring on her right ring finger.

In 1863 Hūria Mātenga became a national heroine after she swam into treacherous seas to save those on board the Delaware, wrecked off the coast of Nelson. All but one of the crew were rescued, and Hūria and her four Māori companions were rewarded by the government. Nearby Cable Bay is where New Zealand’s first telegraph cable came ashore. She was given the title of 'The Grace Darling of New Zealand' for her heroism.

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