The Afghani Tourmaline

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“My jewellery story started in 2011, and it was all about learning, making, repairing and listening to other stories. The story of this stone, an Afghani Tourmaline, with the most intense gorgeous green colour, started in 2015 when I was on a buying trip with Bill as a congratulations for completing my Jewellery Apprenticeship. I walked into the coloured stone hall at the trade fair in Hong Kong, and was rather overwhelmed by the sheer size of the fair and choices available. We sat with a supplier for 2 hours looking at different stones. I had decided that I was going to buy myself a stone on this trip and make it up for myself. I liked morganites, I had liked the stones that we had at work and I had picked one out that I really liked. But, after spending time and looking at the stand - 7 metres long, 6 shelves high, full of every stone, every size, every colour imaginable you could think of, my eye was drawn to this stone, I kept looking but the tourmaline kept drawing me in, it was more expensive so it was a difficult decision to make.
It has now sat on my bench at work for 4 years and I look it at every day. I have done 6 designs, ordered side stones which were sold from under me and to this day I am still deciding.....
I really want to do something that is worthy of the stone, one day that something will come to me.”

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