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“This special piece, a sphere locket that fans out into 4 elements, was inspired by a locket that was brought into where I was working in Germany to be repaired as a 2nd year Goldsmith Apprentice. I loved the way it moved and transformed and the excitement of seeing something you didn’t expect. My boss was just as excited and suggested I make one as a practice piece. After many hours, more than expected, and lots of trial and error exploring the mechanisms I got there, and felt so proud when it was given to me by my boss.
This became a prototype for my final piece that I had to design and make to complete my Goldsmith Apprenticeship. It had given me the confidence to try new things and processes, anything that flips, turns, opens and transforms gets me excited. This final piece was made for my Mum and included a compass and three photo frames for her three children who were all about to head off in different directions. I won the local competition for Goldsmiths completing their qualification and 2nd in Germany.
On moving to New Zealand it also gave me an instant connection with Bill, my prospective employer, who also got excited by it as it reminded him of his own journey and learnings.
It constantly reminds me that I don’t go for shortcuts, the effort and time that you put into something is what you get out of it. This is why I love my job.”

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