The Lucky Ring

I wear a magnificent five stone diamond ring that I inherited from my mother, who inherited it from her mother.

My grandfather won the ring in a poker game. The ring is a lucky ring.

My mother wore the ring all the time. A tangible link with her beloved mother .

As a small child I was allowed to play with the bright shiny ring. One day my. Mother said “ Where’s the ring Bet?” “ Don’t know! “ She hasn’t been outside, It must be in the house somewhere!”
My parents hunted high and low for days, eventually the ring was found tucked into into the ring pull of one of the dining room blinds. Lucky find!

Mum worked in the flower department of Turners and Growers. She was beyond dismayed when she came home and saw that one of the diamonds in her ring was missing. She went back into Turners to look for the missing diamond. . The auction room was cold and dark, the flowers all sold, the containers, old paint tins, cleaned. it seemed a hopeless quest. My mum was determined to find the diamond , a precious link with her beloved mum.
A fellow worker offered to help, and lent her his torch. Just as she was ready to give up searching she shone the torch into one more paint tin, and there glittering in the rim, was the missing diamond. Lucky find!
The ring now had to go to the jewellers to have the miraculously found diamond replaced.

My mother decided that it was time to update the ring from the original Bridge setting to something more modern.
That is why the ring that I now wear is less ornate. It is simple, more modern, but still on the lines of the original Bridge setting.
I wear it all the time, it is a link with my mum and the grandmother I never met. I love wearing it !

Just as I had loved playing with the ring as a child, so did my daughters love the bright shiny bauble.

When one of our daughters was ill in hospital and as grandma was sitting beside her, a wee hand reached for grandma’s ring! The ring had worked its lucky charm, again, as this was a turning point in Ann’s recovery.

The ring continues as a shiny bridge bridging the continuum between the generations of women in my family.
Truely a Bridge uniting us all.

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