Using the Past to Create the Future

Engagement ring

As a young girl, every morning I crept downstairs and tried on my mother's engagement ring. It was a beautiful solitaire with the diamond chosen and the ring crafted by my parents friend who was a jeweller. I felt like a princess for a few minutes each day and the ring came to represent love, commitment and family so when I inherited the ring, it felt like I held part of my family's past and the story of my parents relationship (literally) in my hands. I have always been a magpie with jewellery so over the years I bought many beautiful rings with a special fascination of diamonds. When my first marriage ended after 26 years, I stopped wearing my jewellery unable to live with the memories that each peice held. For 5 years my hands were bare so when I embarked on my second marriage, I wanted to create a very unique piece of jewellery to launch a new chapter in my life. My new ring is made from 3 very special rings. It uses my mother's beautiful solitaire diamond, a diamond and the unusual ring shape from a ring I had brought during my travels and 3 rows of diamonds to represent my 3 children. I look at this ring and wear it with pride every day. It contains within its beautiful design my mother, my children and my memories and my opportunity to be living a new and special partnership. Unique and priceless, this ring is a talisman that will continue to collect memories and be a piece to pass down the generations with it's story, memories and the hope towards new beginnings.

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