Lab-grown diamonds are indiscernible from mined diamonds, chemically and physically identical with exactly the same brilliance and fire.



Lab-grown diamonds, otherwise known as man-made or cultured diamonds, are grown in a laboratory using cutting edge technology that mimic the conditions under which natural diamonds develop.   As they are formed from the same material and exposed to the same conditions, lab-created diamonds are optically and chemically identical to the natural variety.  

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So identical are Lab-grown and mined diamonds that it is impossible for a trained jeweller to be able to tell the difference between them, only sophisticated devices like the GIA iD100®  are able to definitively identify the difference between the two diamonds.

Each Lab- grown diamond stocked by Dalgleish Diamonds is IGI Certified. 

The IGI Laboratory-Grown Diamond Report, includes the standard IGI colour, clarity and cut grading scales for reference purposes and just like Mined diamonds, Lab grown diamonds vary in the Carat,  Colour, Clarity and Cut.  

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  1. Thin slivers of Type IIa diamond 'seed' are placed in the chamber — this contains the atomic blueprint for a new diamond to form.
  2. Carbon atoms are added to the chamber which is pressurised and heated to 5,500 °C — the same temperature as the core of the earth.
  3. One—by—one the carbon atoms build on the crystal lattice on the diamond seed forming a unique diamond — the same process that happens in nature.
  4. The raw diamonds are then precision cut and polished into finished gems which are sent to the International GIA for grading

Lab-grown diamonds are usually in the region of 30% cheaper than mined diamonds,

dependent on the Carat, Colour, Clarity and Cut.  These prices are generally set by the Market rather than the restricted supply from the mined diamond distributors.  Lab-grown diamonds are also thought to be more sustainably sourced than mined diamonds as they are gown in high-tech laboratories with a low carbon footprint — 7x less than mined diamonds.

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It comes down to choice and preference…

there is no right or wrong choice when it comes to Mined or Lab-grown diamonds.

Dalgleish Diamonds are committed to providing our customers with a full range of Precious Stones and Semi-Precious Stones and have a large selection of Lab-grown diamonds.  We have a selection of made up jewellery, and a large range of loose diamonds which can be made up into your dream design.

Come in and talk to the team about your dream piece of diamond jewellery.

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