World’s Brightest Diamonds Come to Dalgleish Diamonds

Lovers of serious sparkle get ready to be dazzled – the world’s brightest diamonds are now exclusively available in New Zealand from Dalgleish Diamonds.

Named after the brightest star in the night sky, Sirius Star 100® diamonds are specially designed, cut and polished to reflect more light, making them literally look bigger and more sparkly than regular diamonds.

As a serious lover of diamonds, when I first saw these stones during a buying trip I knew I had to have them. They are literally the brightest, most sparkly diamonds I’ve ever seen (and remember I created fine jewellery in one of London’s most upmarket workshops that was contracted to Crown Jeweller Garrad & Co!).

The 100 in their name refers to the number of light reflecting facets each finished stone has. Given we were planning our 100 year celebrations when I came across them, it felt like we were fated to work with them. 

After negotiations I am thrilled to say Dalgleish Diamonds has the exclusive rights to use the Sirius Star 100 Round® and Sirius Star 100 Cushion® diamonds in our bespoke jewellery during our centenary celebrations this year.

So what makes Sirius Star Diamonds so special? Essentially it’s the superiority and interplay of three key elements: Stone selection, design, cut/polish.

Master Diamond Cutter, Mike Botha, hand-selects only highest quality, conflict-free, ethically-mined Canadian diamonds. They are cut and polished with exacting precision to Mike’s incredibly complex, symmetrical designs to create a finished diamond boasting 100 light-reflecting facets. That’s nearly double that of traditionally cut round diamonds which have 57.

Each stone is selected, cut and polished to order – making them truly bespoke and the perfect fit for our team here at Dalgleish Diamonds who love the challenge of working with clients and handcrafting unique pieces of jewellery.

If you love diamonds and fine jewellery – or even if you’re simply curious to see these extraordinary stones in person ­– pop in to our newly renovated store. Our team of master craftspeople will show you these amazing stones and help you envisage how we could showcase their beauty in a bespoke piece of jewellery designed and made especially for you.


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